Springfield, Virginia


JPG’s quick response to Hilton’s urgent HVAC challenge and effective solution kept the hotel’s hot water running—and Hilton’s hotel guests happy.


The Hilton Springfield, first built in 1978 and last renovated in 2014, is a 12-story hotel located in Springfield, Virginia, a Washington, D.C. suburb near I-95 and the Capital Beltway I-495. The hotel is located across from Metro’s Springfield Station and is a quick drive to Washington, D.C., Ft. Belvoir, the Pentagon, and Arlington National Cemetery.

In May 2023, the Hilton Springfield experienced an HVAC emergency over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. With temperatures hovering above 90 degrees, the hotel’s original rooftop boiler finally gave out, after 60 years and only minimal maintenance performed on it. Supplying hot water to the entire 369-room hotel. If the boiler weren’t brought back online immediately, the entire hotel would be out of service due to a lack of hot water for the guest rooms.

Familiar with our reputation for prompt response times and expert, knowledgeable technicians, the Hilton Springfield turned to JPG Services to identify a fast, effective solution to the hotel’s emergency HVAC challenge. In addition to being known for their emergency response and reliability, JPG technicians are experts at choosing the right equipment and suppliers—essential when designing effective and efficient solutions.


Immediately addressing the off-hours emergency, JPG dispatched a technician to the property to diagnose the problem. When technicians were unable to fix the boiler, JPG drew on their ability to find the best suppliers and located a mobile boiler that same night. A technician was able to get the boiler back on temporarily while JPG assembled a group of technicians to install the new boiler the next morning.


JPG was able to quickly provide the Hilton Springfield with a new, more efficient boiler, saving the hotel thousands of dollars in energy costs and preventing a catastrophic shutdown of the hotel. In addition to energy savings, the new boiler and consistent JPG maintenance services will prevent future problems with hot water in the hotel’s guestrooms.

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