JPG Plumbing & Mechanical Services is a Commercial Plumbing, Industrial Vacuum, & Mechanical company that is headquartered in Jessup, Maryland.  We serve the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia areas and offer 24/7 Emergency, Preventive Maintenance and Inspection Services. Our customers include commercial property managers, building owners, government agencies, hospitals and educational facilities.

Our goal is to keep your operations running smoothly and maintaining your business continuity so that you never have to worry about problems with their plumbing or mechanical systems. We are passionate about our mission and are dedicated to resolve any problems that should arise with excellent customer satisfaction.

Each person who works at JPG is chosen for employment, and maintains it, based upon their unique abilities to perform at a high level. We will regard all who work here as part of that team; each person contributes to not only the success of the organization as a whole but also their own success.

Serving the Baltimore, Washington,
DC and Virginia areas

Commercial Services

HVAC, plumbing, and new construction.

Emergency Services

24/7 emergency HVAC and plumbing repair.

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