Grease Trap & Interceptor Maintenance in the DC Area

Grease trap maintenance should be performed by a licensed contractor like JPG Plumbing & Mechanical. Maintenance of your grease interceptor (sometimes called a grease abatement device or GAD) is usually performed by permitted haulers or recyclers. The maintenance process consists of removing the entire volume (liquids and solids) from the GAD and properly disposing of the material in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws. When maintenance is performed properly and at the appropriate frequency, your GAD will reduce the discharge of fats, oil, and grease (FOG) into the municipal wastewater collection system.

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VAC Services in the DC Area

How Often Should Grease Traps Be Emptied?

The frequency required for GAD maintenance depends greatly on the amount of FOG your facility generates as well as any best management practices required by municipal authorities. In many cases, a food service establishment that implements better maintenance practices will realize financial benefit through a reduction in the plumbing and replacement costs for the GAD over the life of the unit.

Vacuum Truck Services

Grease trap cleaning is a difficult and messy job, even for a small restaurant that has a compact grease trap mounted inside the kitchen. For large commercial facilities like hospitals, hotels, or universities that require an exterior grease interceptor, grease trap service is far more difficult. The grease interceptor is often located in an area that is challenging to reach, plus the sheer size and volume make do-it-yourself cleaning next to impossible. That is where our VAC services at JPG Plumbing & Mechanical can prove extremely useful.

Our fleet of vacuum trucks can reach nearly any grease interceptor, even in difficult locations like basements, parking structures, or fenced yards. They have the capacity and the power to quickly pump all the fat, oil, grease, and water out of your grease interceptor, leaving it all but empty and ready to be cleaned. Once our technicians arrive on-site, they will:

  • Locate the grease interceptor
  • Open the cleanout ports
  • Open the access cover
  • Remove the baffle(s)
  • Connect the vacuum hose
  • Pump out the fat, oil, and grease

A more detailed explanation of our vacuum truck services can be found in the tables below.

Inside Grease Trap
1. Remove all water in the trap or interceptor to facilitate cleaning. The water will be disposed of according to local code and NOT placed in the sanitary system.
2. Remove baffle(s) if possible.
3. Scrape the sides, the lid, and the baffle(s) to remove as much of the accumulated grease as possible.
4. Inspect the entire system for signs of trouble. Verify that all components appear to be operating effectively.
5. Replace the baffle(s) and the lid.
6. Verify proper flow by allowing the trap to fill with water.
7. On the maintenance log, record the volume of grease removed (electronically).


GAD (Exterior Unit)
1. Contact JPG for cleaning.
2. Remove all liquid and accumulated grease and solids from the GAD, beginning with the inlet chamber and ending with the outlet chamber.
3. Inspect all GAD walls and structures for signs of trouble and visually inspect the outlet baffle and outlet pipe for evidence of proper operation.
4. Replace all GAD lids and ensure that work area is made safe.
5. Clean the work area with high pressure water to ensure a sanitary condition.
6. On the maintenance log, record the volume of grease removed. (Ask about electronic delivery and tracking!)


Choose JPG Plumbing & Mechanical for Grease Trap Service in the DC Area

Our vacuum truck services are available 24 hours a day to keep your business operating smoothly, and all of the fluids we remove from your grease interceptor are disposed of in an environmentally responsible fashion. Our VAC services provide the perfect opportunity for you to perform routine grease trap maintenance.

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