Commercial Rooftop HVAC Service in Baltimore, DC & Virginia

Rooftop HVAC services are an incredibly popular HVAC choice for commercial spaces. From design-build to retro-fit, JPG will ensure you get the rooftop unit that is right for your needs.  If you are working with a hospital, commercial shopping space, university, or any other heavily populated commercial building, you know that it takes a large and robust system to keep your patrons comfortable all year round. Rooftop units are a perfect solution for your commercial HVAC needs due to their affordability, adaptability, and pre-made construction. With a rooftop unit from JPG Plumbing & Mechanical, you can easily ensure that your commercial space is kept nice and warm in any DC metro area winters, and cool and comfortable in our hot summers.

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What Is a Rooftop Unit and How Can It Benefit Me?

Rooftop HVAC units can be uncharted territory for some commercial space owners. Luckily, our team at JPG Plumbing & Mechanical knows all there is to know about their installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair processes.

Here are some of the biggest benefits to having a rooftop HVAC unit:

  • You’ll have lower repair costs. A rooftop unit only consists of one unit that sits on your roof. This is different from a traditional HVAC unit that has both an indoor and an outdoor portion that a technician must inspect during a repair. Because the technician only has to check one central point with a rooftop unit, you’ll be saving money!
  • You’ll have increased energy efficiency throughout your building. You know how it goes – hot air rises, cool air sinks. Well, that works really well with a rooftop system! All hot air in your building will rise up and out through the rooftop unit, and all of the cold air your unit is producing will sink to the bottom.
  • Your HVAC system is just in one location. With a rooftop HVAC unit, your furnace and cooling unit are both in the same space. This will save you time and energy when you need any repairs or maintenance!

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High-Quality Commercial HVAC Service in Baltimore, DC & Virginia

At JPG Plumbing & Mechanical, we are dedicated to serving our local communities throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia. We are a team of expert commercial HVAC contractors and want to perform each job with the highest level of excellence. Your commercial space is important to us, and we want to help you keep it running safely and comfortably all year long.

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