Sump Pump Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on: February 18, 2020

In the DC metro area, a working sump pump is a must. With spring rains and summer storms sending water to your yard, you need to know that your sump pump is going to properly pump that water out and away from your home to avoid a flooded basement or crawl space. At JPG Plumbing & Mechanical, we want to help you with this, yet often we see homeowners making mistakes with their sump pumps that could be avoided completely. If your home has a sump pump, here is what you need to avoid to keep it running well.

1. Improper Installation

If you’re thinking of doing your sump pump installation yourself, you may want to rethink that. Proper installation is critical to ensuring the unit runs properly, and DIY installation rarely ends well. From electrical issues to problems with the sump pump discharge pipe, DIY installations create serious problems that can impact the overall function of your sump pump. A sump pump plumbing professional can ensure that the system is properly installed to provide reliable performance whenever water starts to sneak into your basement.

2. Not Testing the Sump Pump

Most homeowners don’t learn that their sump pump is on the fritz until it stops working in the middle of an emergency. At this point, with water pouring into your basement, it’s too late. Instead, schedule regular testing to ensure that the sump pump is properly working, so you can repair or replace it before a storm hits.

Testing your sump pump is easy. Simply grab a five-gallon bucket and fill it with water. Slowly pour the water into the sump pump drum to ensure that it turns on. If it does, then it’s working properly. If it does not, then you need to check for problems.

3. No Backup Plan

Your sump pump requires electricity to run. What happens if a rainstorm knocks out electrical power? Without electricity, your sump pump can’t run, and you’re left with a flooding basement. Because the events that bring water into your basement often coincide with the events that knock out power, make sure you have a plan.

There are two ways to have a backup plan for your sump pump. One is to install a battery-powered backup sump pump. This backup pump will kick in if your main pump fails. A second option is to invest in a generator, which you can connect the sump pump to if you have a power loss. Either option will protect your basement from unwanted flooding.

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